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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here we hope to answer all of the questions you may have about us, the suit design and construction process, and how to prepare your order. Read away!


General Questions

Design and Construction Questions

Commission Questions

General Questions

  • What makes One Fur All Studios suits unique?

    Building suits is our dream job. We have years of experience designing costumes to match the wishes of our customers. We also are particularly good at tailoring them to fit well. We are devoted to making sure our workmanship brings these characters to life, and lasts for years to come.  

  • How long have you been building fursuits?

    We have been building professionally continuously for a bit over a decade.   We have experience in fursuit design and construction, crafting props and accessories, and are always working to expand our skills.

  • What kinds of materials go into your costumes?

    We use good quality synthetic furs and and a variety of high quality foams. We chose our materials for longevity, strength, and durability.

  • Do you use real fur in your costumes?

    We do not use real fur on any of our costumes.  All fabrics and fibres we use are artificial.

  • Does One Fur All Studios have special equipment?

    Yes. We frequently update our equipment and materials to maintain the highest possible quality. Our primary sewing machine is a high-grade industrial sewing machine. We also use a unique brand of industrial upholstery thread that is thicker, stronger, and is design to withstand exposure to harsh environments. This makes it excellent for use in hard working characters. We do not use casting much, but have a variety of tools and devices for shaping, smoothing, and bonding materials. Altogether our goal is to always build durable well-crafted suits that will last for years.

Design and Construction Questions

  • Can One Fur All design my character or do I need to know my design already?

    We have years of experience working out designs with our customers. If you have your design already planned then we can happily build it for you.  Or if you just have ideas we would be glad to work with you to develop the design and finalize the details.

  • What kind of styles can One Fur All Studios build?

    We can build the full range of characters.  From realistic to cartoony and everywhere in between!  We can construct any kind of character and any style.

  • Can you copy a character made by another company/studio? Also, what about having a copyrighted character?

     No.  We have a strict policy for integrity regarding our competition. We will never reproduce a suit produced by any other manufacturer.  Also, we directly cannot copy or reproduce any copyrighted character without express permission.   There is considerable legal protection for characters from games, movies, or other media.  We can make a design with inspiration drawn from a media source but the individual character must be unique.

  • Can I order a duplicate of a costume from your Gallery?

    No.  The costumes in our gallery were all commissioned by previous customers.  The designs for their characters are owned by them and cannot be directly reproduced.  We can draw inspiration from previous design but only so far as taking aspects or ideas.  We will never cooperate in producing a direct copy.

  • What is the difference between a partial suit and a full suit?

    A partial fursuit is one that includes the head, hands, feet, and tail.  These can be work with any kind of clothing to cover the body.   A full suit includes all the parts included in a partial plus a bodysuit.  A full suit is a complete costume, but can also be worn as a partial.

  • How good is the visibility of the costume heads?

    Extremely good.  With years of practice we know how to make the best balance between making the eyes in the costume head look good while maintaining excellent vision for the wearer.  We offer three types of eyes - 3d, taxidermy, and traditional mascot style eyes.  The taxidermy style is more realistic looking, but the 3d has the best range of vision.

  • How do the 3D eyes work?

    The method we use to build these eyes is complex and unusual.  The inset structure of the eyes creates the effect that this style of eyes is always looking at the viewer.  There are no moving parts in the eyes.  The primary advantage is that the character will always be looking back at everyone who sees him/her. This is great for photographs and performances. This style of eyes also provides extremely good visibility and adds noticeable ventilation to the head.

  • Can I wear glasses underneath my fursuit head?

    Unfortunately no.  Our head construction is extremely compact.  There is no room for glasses.  You will need to either wear contact lenses or go without.  We do apologize for the inconvenience.

  • What kinds of padding can be put into my suit?

    Many kinds!  Padding can be made to create the effect of muscles in the suit, alter the shape of the legs, or change the entire proportioning of the wearer.  Padding can be used to enhance the shape of the wearer in whatever way your design requires.

  • What is the difference between digitigrade and plantigrade legs?

    Digitigrade and plantigrade refers to two different styles of hind legs on an animal.  Digitigrade legs are like the hind legs of a cat or dog; these legs appear to be standing on their toes.  With Digitigrade legs we use padding to create the illusion that the knees and heels of the character are in an animalistic position.  Plantigrade legs are like humans or bears.  No padding is required.

  • What is the difference between indoor and outdoor soles on the feet?

    Indoor soles have fur and paw-styled pads on the bottom.  These are good if the look of a paw is very important to you.  Outdoor soles have a solid rubber soles; these soles are best for people who will be active performers or taking their suit outside.  Outdoor soles have much better durability and longevity though they are less decorative.  Unless you plan on using your fursuit strictly for light-duty indoor use we recommend getting outdoor soles for your footpads.

  • Can you make special or unusual padded shapes on a costume?

    Yes.  We can create any sort of padded shapes, muscles, spines, horns, digitigrade leg, sor other attributes you would like to have as part of your creation.  Please feel free to ask us to work out the details.

Commission Questions

  • How do I contact One Fur All Studios?

    You can keep in contact with us using our primary email scribblefox (at) You can also follow us on Twitter ( We also occasionally update our other social media, such as Fur Affinity ( We keep an eye on our inbox and will generally always respond as soon as we're able. Please note: we would appreciate it if customers would not contact anyone associated with One Fur All Studios during off hours or personal email/online accounts. Everyone needs their private time.

  • What kinds of details do I need to provide for a commission?

        The main things we will need to know is whether the suit is a partial or full suit, details about the species or look of the character, and what kinds of options you would like.  Options in this case is whether the costume will need padding, what colours are desired, and whether you will want extras such as horns, spines, tattoos, etc.. You may provide any references and description you would like us to see.   We can work from as little or as much as you want to provide; but mostly we need to know what parts and options you'd like for your suit. Please note we do not accept head-only commissions at this time. You will also need to be 18 years old or older in order to commission us.

  • Do I need to submit design art when I place a commission?

    We encourage you to submit artwork or reference photos, but it isn't an absolute requirement. A design sketch can be included with your commission for a modest fee should it be desired.  Since we are illustrators as well as costume builders, we will be glad to help with art if needed.

  • What kinds of design reference can I provide?

    We can work with whatever art, photos, or description you'd like us to use. We are not sensitive about artist, level of detail or rating. Whatever helps communicate your ideas to us.

  • Can I change a design detail on my suit before it is built?

    Yes.  From the time you place your deposit until shortly before construction begins you can make reasonable adjustments to the design. Once construction has begun it may or may not be possible to make changes - depending on what the changes are and what has been built at the time you ask.

  • Will I need a duct tape dummy?

    No.  We seldom work with Duct Tape Dummies.  We prefer to work with measurements.  We have a lot of experience tailoring and only need a duct tape dummy if a suit is going to have really profound padding involved.

  • What is the average price for a fursuit??

     The base price for a partial is around $1750, and a full suit begins around $2850 USD. (Please note: we are not taking head only commissions at this time.) If you'd like a personalized quote please feel free to contact us. Pricing is based in the individual details of each unique commission.  Features like padding, tattoos, or complex features will add to the pricing.  Extremely simple designs may reduce it.

  • How long does it take to build a fursuit?

    We work in batches of 8-12 suits at a time. When we reach your position in the queue, typical construction time may run from 3-8 weeks. Construction time varies based on the number and complexities of the projects we have on the go. This is only an estimate and will depend on the studios workload at the time. Our priority will always be on quality of construction and design.

  • Can you guarantee completion for a specific convention/event?

    We do not take any hard deadlines for projects. We cannot guarantee a completion date or deadline. The characters we work on vary wildly in complexity and we would rather make sure each character got the time and attention they deserve. Situations can arise, people can become ill, and machines can break. We can keep you updated for our estimated construction time, but we do not contractually guarantee or commit to one.

  • Can I pay more to have my commission built sooner?

    No.  We have a fairly strict rule about not letting anyone use money to jump the queue.  Paying early, paying in full, or paying extra will not change your place in the construction queue.

  • What method of payment do we prefer?

    We prefer Paypal. We can also work with certified cheques, bank drafts and postal money orders.  Being based in Canada, Canadian customers can also make direct e-payment funds transfers.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    Yes. We require a 50% deposit to start the commission, and the remaining 50% during construction. Please note: 30% of your commission total is non-refundable. This is non-negotiable.

  • May I make payments towards my commission?

    You are welcome to make smaller payments, but your position in the queue is largely based on the date you reach your 50% deposit, and we will not ship the suit until your commission is settled in full.

  • What is your policy on Cancellation and Refunds?

    You may cancel your commission up to the point where construction has begun, and your deposit - minus the 30% non-refundable portion of your commission total - will be returned to you. If you need to cancel your commission during construction the refund total will depend on how much progress and time was invested up to that point. No refund option is available after the suit is completed. We reserve the right to terminate a commission and follow our refund policy at our own choice.

  • Can you ship a costume internationally?

    Yes.  We have shipped across North America, South America, Europe, and into Asia.

  • How does One Fur All usually ship costumes?

    We always use a reliable courier with decent tracking and insurance for our suits. We can use FedEx or UPS, but we generally prefer FedEx air.

  • What kind of after-purchase care does One Fur All Studios provide?

    For the first three months we will transport and repair any manufacturing defect for free.  However, even after that we will do our best to provide repair advice to help maintain your suit for the lifetime of the costume.  If your suit requires more serious repairs and our time permits you may ship the costume part back to us for repairs; a small charge may be involved if the repair is substantial.

  • If I gain/lose weight after buying my suit can I have it adjusted?

    If you gain substantial weight there is generally nothing we will be able to do; you may need to order a replacement bodysuit built to your new sizing.  However, if you lose weight we may be able to resize the suit for you for a small fee.

  • Will you show me how to care for my costume?

    Yes.  We include a care guide with every costume and are available to answer repair and maintenance questions.

  • What do I do if I need a repair on my suit?

    If our Care Guide doesn't answer the questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss the problem.  We do our best to provide extended care for maintaining your costume. We will always try to help our customers to maintain and enjoy their creations!

  • Can I contact you if I have any questions before or after purchasing my suit?

    Yes.  If you have any performance, maintenance, or repair questions please feel free to contact us regarding your suit.