Excellence in Character and Costume Design

At One Fur All Studios our goal is to design and build a unique custom character to suit your individual needs. Our costumes are 100% handcrafted. No parts are prefabricated or mass produced. Each character is given individual attention to design, sculpting, tailoring, and the highest commitment to quality. We adhere to the integrity of of your design in every part of every costume, from the head to toe. We take the time to give each character the polish to stand out in a crowd while listening to your description and your desires.


Our studio has been involved and creating fur and fabric creations for several years now. Coming from an artistic back ground with experience in tailoring and general design, we have the know how to bring your character to life. When you contact us we will do our best to listen well and work with you to craft a design that will suit your needs and bring you enjoyment for years to come!